The Physical Benefits of Playing Golf

Unfortunately, a lot of people consider golf to be a passive sport that doesn’t require any real degree of fitness. This is extremely wrong, golf being a sport that has a lot of physical benefits to offer to those who practice it. If you’re not convinced about the importance of playing golf in order to improve fitness levels and gain physical strength, read the following lines.

Improved fitness and strength due to carrying the golf bag

If you don’t go around the course in a golf cart, you will notice a big improvement in the strength of your upper body due to carrying the golf bag on your shoulder from hole to hole. A golf bag usually weighs about 35 pounds, but depending on what you carry in it, the bag can be heavier than this. By carrying it with you from one hole to another, you basically do the same exercise that you would do at the gym when lifting dumbbells. Therefore, an important physical benefit of playing golf is that you will have big and strong arms.

Strong core muscles

Achieving a strong core is very difficult. But playing golf makes it easier to have strong core muscles due to the complex movement of the body when you swing. The core muscles include the muscles of the lower back and the abdominal muscles. As you turn your body from one side to another when you swing, you put these muscles to work, strengthening them in the process.

Improved strength of the leg muscles

Of course, to improve the strength of your leg muscles by working them out while playing golf, you have to give up on using the golf cart. Therefore, instead of using the cart to get from one hole to another, walk the distance. Golf courses can be really big, meaning that you will have to walk a lot, all while carrying the heavy golf bag. By doing this, you will improve the strength of your leg muscles, and you will tone your skin as well. Don’t be afraid that it might get boring to walk from hole to hole because you won’t be playing alone. Therefore, you will get to socialize as you workout your legs as well.