The Best Exercises for Naturally Lifting Your Breasts

All women want to have toned breasts, and in order to achieve this result, they try all sort of treatments. Some of them can have a great effect, whereas others do not offer a good result. One of the best things you can do is to look for some of the best exercises for naturally lifting your breasts. Here are some of them.

Chest squeeze with a medicine ball

Before you actually start any other exercises for lifting your breasts, it is highly recommended to go for a warm up session. One of the best things you could do, when it comes to this aspect is to try the chest squeeze warm up exercise. For this, you will need to use a medicine ball. Your chest and shoulder muscles will quickly tone, and look absolutely great. Here is what you must do. You need to sit on a chair and hold a medicine ball at chest level, while your back is perfectly straight and your stomach is tensed. Then, you must squeeze the ball, in order to contract very well your chest. You must slowly straighten your arms, while you actually squeeze the ball, in order to take the ball straight out in front of you, until both of your arms are completely straight. Repeat this for about 5 times.

Dumbbell bench press

This exercise is a very simple one, and it is certainly one of the best exercises for naturally lifting your breasts, which you must definitely try. You only need to lie on a fitness bench and keep your arms straight while you actually hold a dumbbell in each hand. Then, you must lower the dumbbells, until they are very close to the sides of the chest. Then, you need to press them back, up to the position you have started you exercise with. This is actually one rep, and you need to do at least 10 reps a day, in order to obtain a great result.

Dumbbell fly

This is another great exercise for naturally lifting your breasts, that involves dumbbells. Again, you must lie on a fitness bench, while holding your feet flat on the floor. Hold two dumbbells above the shoulders, while you actually slightly bent your elbows. Then, you need to lower the weights, until your chest is even with your elbows. You must keep that bend in the elbows, while you actually press the dumbbells back. You must go for 10 reps every day.