Ideal Temperature and Humidity for a Home Gym

It’s great to have a home gym where you can workout anytime you want and for as long as you want without having to share your equipment or facing the crowds. For your home gym to be perfect and to offer the best workout conditions, you will have to determine the ideal temperature and humidity levels that will ensure comfort and safety. Since these can vary, here is how you can maintain them as the proper level during your workouts.

Adjust the humidity with a dehumidifier

The air humidity in any home gym should be around 55% with slight fluctuations that will not become uncomfortable regardless the type of exercise you perform. It can vary from 40 to 60 percent depending on the weather conditions that could add or take from the air’s humidity. Levels higher than 60% can become dangerous because they favor the development of mold spores that can damage your respiratory system. This is why we recommend that you use a dehumidifier to absorb excess moisture from the air. This will guarantee that you will be feeling comfortable while exercising and that all your fitness equipment will operate properly. In case your home gym has been designed in a basement or garage, you will definitely need a powerful unit such as a crawlspace dehumidifier. Without a doubt, the best crawlspace dehumidifier will be able to handle the humidity in the home gym even if there are narrow areas that don’t allow for bulky units.

Keep the temperature to a comfortable level

The gym temperature issue is a tricky one because it highly depends on the type of exercise you perform. Intense exercises like cardio or weightlifting tend to accelerate your blood flow which automatically leads to a higher core temperature. This means that you will not need to heat the home gym too much otherwise, you will suffer from heat exhaustion. Keep the temperature to 65F so you will enjoy the perfect workout environment. Mild exercises like aerobics or yoga require higher temperatures because your muscles will not heat up as much so you can increase the temperature up to 80F.
You can always regulate the gym temperature using the right cooling and heating devices and you can always rely on the tower fan and the infrared heater. The first spreads cool air around the room on a wide area so you will feel cool while exercising without any risk of catching a cold. The infrared heater is the best option because it spreads sun-like warmth into the gym in order to make you feel warm without posing a risk to your health.