How Pollution Is Affecting Your Workout

When you exercise, you do it to improve your health and to make your body stronger and more resistant to daily challenges. But working out in a polluted air could cause more harm than good as it could temper with your health. Discover below hoe pollution affects your workouts and how can you avoid the unpleasant effects it has on you.

How outdoor pollution affects you

Outdoor pollution is a common subject that involves most of the places in the world. If you use to exercise outdoors, you are likely to be affected by the harmful toxins released by items around you. This can seriously affect your health because your breathing accelerates while you exercise and you tend to inhale more polluted air. This could translate into fatigue, dizziness, and a feeling of exhaustion you wouldn’t normally have. Things get even worse for asthmatics and people with a high sensitivity for allergens and air impurities who can have difficulties in breathing.
If you experience any of this symptoms, it might be the sign that you shouldn’t continue working out outdoors. Also, choose the mornings as the perfect time for a workout because it is when the air is at its highest standards and the pollution levels are low.

You can also encounter polluted air at the gym

The indoor air can also affect your workouts because indoor pollution could be as dangerous as outdoor pollution. At the gym, there are many items that release harmful emissions into the air, like the fitness equipment, the carpets and furniture, the building material, or even the people gong to the gym. The crowds of people that gather at the gym release high amounts of carbon dioxide and take away clean oxygen, which minimizes the quality of the breathing air.
Working out in a gym with a poor ventilation that doesn’t provide clean and fresh air can alter your performance and minimize the benefits of your exercises. Your airways are the first that get into contact with the polluted air and you can experience nose and throat irritations. Later on, you will start breathing heavy and you will lose your vitality as you will not be receiving enough oxygen. This is why it’s recommended to exercise in a clean environment and if this isn’t possible, you can take action and improve the air quality with an air purifier that can absorb all the air impurities found in gyms. Air purifiers can be the solution to a better air quality and could stop the effects of pollution on your workout.