Exercises that You can Do in Bed Every Morning

It’s said that the morning is the best time for your exercises because it is when your testosterone levels are at the highest levels and your energy is boosted to the maximum. So why not perform your exercises in bed so you won’t have time to get lazy? To help you achieve your workout goals, here are some ideas of exercises that you can do in bed every morning.

Prepare your workout place

Most of the exercises require a straight body position and plenty of balance so you will need to rely on a strong mattress that won’t collapse under your weight. Poor quality mattresses tend to change shape if you press them which is not something you would want during your exercises. Therefore, make sure you rely on a solid mattress made of a good material such as memory foam that follows the contour of your body without creating bumps. Once you have the right mattress, you can start your bed exercises.

Half bridge

Sit on your back with your knees bent and your palms on each side of your body and slightly spread your legs. Push your tailbone up until your shoulders, hips and knees form a straight line and maintain this position for 30 seconds while keeping the glutes contracted. Breathe regularly and repeat three times ten.


This exercise looks like the push ups only adapted to the softer surface offered by your mattress. Sit on your stomach with your body weight concentrated on your toes and your forearms instead of the palms for better balance. Slowly raise your body until you reach a straight line from head to toes and maintain for 20 seconds before lowering your body.


You can perform crunches in the bed if you want to add some abs exercises to your morning workouts. These are simple forms of workout that target the abs, the obliques, and the glutes if you maintain your legs slightly raised from the ground. You can either put your arms flat on the bed or behind your neck and the trick is to lift your body weight by only contracting your abdominal muscles.

Leg lifts

This exercise can be done in endless ways whether you sit on your back, on your stomach, or on one side. Lift your legs one at a time and maintain them in the air for a few seconds before lowering it but don’t let it touch the mattress so the muscles will not relax. While sitting on your back, you can also pull your legs towards your body to contract the abs even more.