Do Saunas Help or Hurt Sore Muscles

After you exercise, there is nothing worse than the pain you get in your strained muscles, which can make you have second thoughts about continuing with your workout sessions. Luckily, there are some remedies for treating sore muscles and the sauna is considered to be one of them. Still, many people are skeptical about its true effect on painful muscles and even believe that it can actually cause more harm than good. Let’s discover together whether the sauna helps or hurts sore muscles.

How does the sauna work?

The working mode of the sauna is quite simple regardless its type. It uses various types of heaters to create high temperatures inside a closed environment. The heat created offers a feeling of relaxation which is the main reason why people have been using the sauna since it has been invented.
Saunas have suffered some changes and the latest models no longer use steam to create heat but a special type of heaters that only increase the temperatures. This makes the saunas more comfortable to use since the suffocating steam is gone and increases its relaxing and soothing effects. Infrared saunas are popular for their ability to penetrate the body tissues in depth so the heat is absorbed better.

Sauna’s effect on sore muscles

Hitting the sauna after an intense workout that has left your muscles in pain is a good idea and the reason for that is very simple. The heat created inside the sauna heats up your muscles and accelerates the blood flow which enables the blood to reach faster and deeper into the muscular tissue. The increased blood circulation fastens the recovery process of the damaged muscles so you will cope better with the workout soreness.
Infrared saunas are even more effective as the heat reaches deeper into the body tissues and promotes an even better circulation. Add to that the relaxing and stress-relieving effect of saunas and you will have a great aid in alleviating muscular pain.
However, you must not expect to get out of the sauna feeling as good as new because the effects are not miraculous. Still, enjoying a sauna session can be a great therapy for sore muscles.