Best Exercises for Rapid Weight Loss

When it comes to the best exercises for weight loss, cardio workouts are among the top specialists’ recommendations. However, do not expect to lose 10 pounds in 5 days if you get on a bike 2 times a week because cardio does not work that way.

It takes determination and regular training to see results. Moreover, for a more rapid development, it is best to combine exercises with weights. In order to help you, we have gathered the best exercises for rapid weight loss.

The cardio exercises

Usually, when you perform a cardio workout at low intensity, it should be for a longer duration. As such a 60 minutes cardio workout is based on the fact that burn fat directly, unlike other types of cardio, which are using glycogen stores first. By having a lower intensity, the energy used comes from the oxidation of fat. On the other hand, you have to be very careful with your muscle tissues, because they can become weak and in this case you have to go to a moderate pace and reduce the time spent on the tape. It seems that a moderate intensity brings the best results when it comes to fat oxidation. Actually, the cardio workout used 65% of the maximum volume of oxygen. At this intensity, you will burn fat more and you will be able to continue exercising for a long time. As such, if you want to keep your muscles and burn fat, low-intensity cardio training and the average duration are the best choices. On the other hand, plenty of people choose to perform the cardio workout at a high intensity. Despite its properties, there are people who choose to stay away from this intensive training, because the energy that our body uses results from the use of muscle glycogen and not from the fat oxidation. However, it’s recommended to perform this type oh high-intensity training just 2 or 3 times a week, because once practiced for a long time, it becomes counterproductive.

The strength exercises

The strength exercises will increase your metabolism needs and will help you gain muscle mass by burning up extra calories. Moreover, you will notice that you can feel much better after a strength workout. As such, if you want to perform a strength training, you can start with an easy to use equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, strength machines, squat rack and weight benches.

However, if you are thinking about performing a strength workout make sure that you will add weight slowly. This way you can increase the weight each session and stick with the same lifts. These days, most people are using the strength training more than other workouts, because is very productive and is a good option for rapid weight loss.